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How do I report anti-social behaviour?

We want our homes and neighbourhoods to be great places to live. We also know that sometimes people don't get on and can suffer because of the ways others behave.

We're not all the same, and we all have different lifestyle choices, some of which we may not like but if someone's actions are causing you alarm, distress or harassment, there are steps we can take to help. 

Behaviour we consider anti-social can include:

  • Hate related incidents like racist, homophobic and other discriminatory acts
  • Taking, dealing or buying illegal drugs
  • Verbal abuse
  • Harassment
  • Intimidation
  • Violence or threats of violence
  • Loud noise - see noise nuisance, below
  • Criminal damage
  • Graffiti

What you can do

Talk to the person. They may not know they’re upsetting you. Often you can sort out personal disagreements and everyday problems just by talking them over. When you do talk to the person remember to:

  • Be calm and friendly and show you're happy to hear their point of view
  • Listen to what they have to say
  • Try not to interrupt when they're talking
  • Stay in control, don't shout, be abusive or aggressive
  • Politely walk away if you feel the person is becoming unreasonable.

What we will do

If you've tried talking to the person and the problem continues then you must let us know. 

You can report the problem:

Reports are dealt with promptly and you may be contacted by a Safer Estates Enforcement Officer who is fully trained to help resolve things as quickly as possible.  Your complaint will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Read our anti-social behaviour policy here.

Community Triggers - know your rights:

If you have recently reported multiple incidences of ASB and no action has been taken, you can ask your local authority to activate the Community Trigger.  

A Community Trigger gives you the right to request a review into your case and bring agencies (e.g. Torus, the council, police) together to find a solution. 

For more information about a Community Trigger, visit 

Noise Nuisance

Torus often receive reports of noise coming from neighbouring properties, however, some noise disturbances fall outside of what would be considered every day acceptable household noises, such as playing excessively loud music, or increased noise levels at inconsiderate times, either late at night or in the early hours of the morning. 

Noise nuisance can be very subjective and several factors must be taken into account such as the time it occurs, levels of noise, frequency, duration of the noise, and the type of noise. The type of property can also be a factor, with noise being more sensitive in communal blocks and flats.

The Noise App
If you are having issues with noise, you can now use 'The Noise App', which lets you record audio for up to 30 seconds at a time on your Smartphone, this recording will then be sent instantly to our Safer Estates and Neighbourhood Teams for review.

As well as recording the noise, you can also enter details about the nature of the disturbance. This can then be easily shared with us to support your complaint.

Find out more about The Noise App here.

If you believe noise nuisance is being caused by domestic abuse and there are sounds as a result of fighting/arguing, you should phone the police if you think someone’s safety is at risk.

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