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Perpetrator support

Help if you are hurting someone

Trying to control, hurt or force your partner to do something they don’t want to do are all examples of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can be:

  • Physical (hitting, slapping, kicking)
  • Emotional or psychological (bullying, humiliating, abusive messages)
  • Coercive control (manipulating through intimidation, threats or isolation)
  • Sexual (forcing someone to do sexual acts they don’t want to)
  • Financial (controlling spending, using their credit cards without permission)

If you are worried about your behaviour, there is support available.

Respect Phoneline is a free service offering confidential, honest and judgment-free advice to help you stop abusing people.

Respect Phoneline can also help you access perpetrator programmes designed to help you change your behaviour by looking at the causes of violence and abuse and the impact your actions are having on your partner.


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