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About your home

Be a good neighbour!

Let us know about abandoned properties, untidy gardens, bad waste management and dog fouling where you live.

You and your home are really important to us. We are keen to develop vibrant communities by working with you and investing in your neighbourhood.

A Neighbourhood Officer will be designated to look after your area and you can get help from them if you have any issues with your tenancy. Neighbourhood Officers deal with lots of different issues regarding your tenancy. They are often out and about, managing tenancies, dealing with reports of anti-social behaviour, carrying out estate inspections and tenancy audits.

We offer a number of services to ensure that you are able to live in a home that is kept to a decent standard in a place where you can live in peace and comfort.

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Aids and adaptations

Improvement works to your home to make your life easier

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Home improvements guide

Making alterations to your rented home - what you need to know

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Pets in the home

Your responsibilities as a pet owner

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Damp and mould

What it is