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Welcome to Torus

Providing great homes and breathing new life into places. Maintaining properties and being a responsible landlord. Improving people’s lives and strengthening communities.

Creating a better future by working in partnerships. All of these things matter a great deal to us here at Torus.

We’re the North West’s largest affordable housing provider and one of its biggest and fastest-growing developers and commercial contractors. But building, maintaining and managing a large, mixed portfolio of high-quality homes is just part of what we do. We’re working hard to make a difference.

We reinvest our profits to create genuine social impact. That investment funds much-needed projects that improve lives, makes places better and communities stronger. By supporting local people and investing in their future, we’re helping to create sustainable, stable and thriving local communities in the North West. We really love what we do.

Torus in Numbers

See some of the exceptional results we have and continue to achieve. For a closer look see our performance page and dashboards below.


homes in the Group portfolio


invested into community activities in 2022/23


of asset value owned and managed


turnover in the last financial year

Our Leadership Team

Torus needs the highest calibre of leadership, vision and energy to realise its aspirations.

Our Structure

Click below to see how the Torus family fits together.

Torus Group is made up of four parts

As a large, diversified organisation – simultaneously landlord, property developer, commercial contractor and social entrepreneur – we’re able to deliver our vision on a scale that makes a real difference.

All four parts of Torus work closely together to build, maintain and manage our large signature developments. Although each is strong in their own right, truly great things with real social value happen when they combine.

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Torus Landlord Services

Supports and empowers people living in Torus homes. Safety, quality, transparency and accountability are key to the landlord services we provide.


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Torus Developments

Builds high-quality, affordable new homes that people love. Our homes help breathe new life into local neighbourhoods and to build stronger communities.

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Torus Foundation

Torus Foundation

We're a proud social investor. Our charity, Torus Foundation, funds vital projects with social impact that strengthen communities and make people’s lives better.

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Award-winning development and property services with a focus on creating better places for people, through cost-effective construction, maintenance and repair services.

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Policies & Publications

We’re proud of our work and achievements, but we don’t expect others to take our word for it. We’re a transparent organisation that’s honest about its successes and areas where we could do better. Each year we publish reports and a wide range of other content that shines a light on our work and how we’re performing. Want to find out more?

Our Publications     Our Policies and Strategies

Let’s work together

For us, it’s not just about building and maintaining great homes. We also want to make lives, communities and places better. But we can’t do it on our own. Our success has come from building strong partnerships with people, companies and organisations that also want to grow stronger communities.

Our partners include national government, local and devolved authorities, regeneration organisations, housing developers, construction-sector businesses and local community groups. If you want to be our partner, please get in touch. We’re always open for business. Together we can achieve great things.

Partnerships     Procurement

Come and join us

We employ more than 1,500 people in a wide variety of jobs across Liverpool City Region and in the wider North West. We don’t just build homes. Our mission is to create stronger communities so people can thrive. If you‘re passionate about people and want to make a difference, there are many opportunities to join us.


Our core values

Torus people are caring. We care for each other as much as we care for customers. We are committed to the values that put people first, working as one team to focus on solutions that lead to great work for the benefit of our customers, grow our organisation and each other.

We work hard and we work at pace, knowing we’re supported by the people around us. We are free to be ourselves, respecting and valuing each other’s contribution to make better decisions and share the same goals to make a difference for our communities.

We own it

Our people focus on solutions.
We take individual and collective responsibility for our actions.

We care

Our people are supportive.
We take pride in what we do for each other and for our customers.

We deliver

Our people are committed.
We work together as one team to achieve great results.

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