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Surveys – your views count

We want to know what you think about the service we deliver to you and how we can improve that is why we carry out a number of surveys to get your feedback.

  • Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs)
  • Regular satisfaction surveys
  • Text surveys

Updated: 29 May 2024


We're always keen to hear your views on how we're performing or could improve and regularly issue surveys to capture your feedback.

From time to time, we might ask you to complete a survey. Surveys are a great way to give us feedback openly and honestly. Not only is this feedback important to help us measure our performance, but your responses can also make a real difference to what we do and how we do it.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures Perception Survey (Tenant Perception Survey) -Spring/Summer 2024

The Tenant Perception Survey (formerly STAR Survey) allows tenants, leaseholders and shared owners across all three heartlands may be contacted by telephone or email to complete a customer the Tenant Perception Survey (TPS). 

The TPS is one of the ways we can listen to your Tenant Voice and use your feedback to improve services.

The telephone calls and emails will be made by a trusted third party called IFF Research, who are based in London, the calls come from this number: 0203 148 7645 and emails will come from

The survey relates to repairs, complaints and ASB. You may ask for personal data pertinent to the survey.  All data provided will be kept confidential and/or anonymised for the purposes of reporting results.

If tenants wish to opt out of surveys, they need to email and they will be removed from the database.

Find out more about TSMs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We value your opinion and we are conducting the Tenant Perception Survey to help understand tenant and leaseholder satisfaction and how the services offered, so we can better understand your needs and improve the services we provide to our customers.

Feedback to this survey is extremely valuable and will help to inform the us on future decision making.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures Perception Survey (Tenant Perception Survey) is a feedback mechanism designed to gauge the opinions and perceptions of tenants regarding the services provided by Torus. This survey is a structured set of questions aimed at understanding how satisfied tenants are with various aspects of their housing experience, such as repairs, maintenance, improvements, and customer service.

The survey allows tenants to share their thoughts, concerns, and overall impressions, helping us gain valuable insights into what is working well and where improvements may be needed. It covers areas like the quality of work, responsiveness of services, communication, and the conduct of our operatives.

By conducting this survey, we aim to actively involve tenants in the process of evaluating our services, ensuring that their feedback directly informs our efforts to enhance their living experience. 

It is carried out by over 300 social housing providers. Councils, Housing Associations, and Arm’s Length Management Organisations (ALMOs).

Yes – the survey is being ran by IFF Research, on behalf of Torus. IFF Research is an independent social and market research agency with a strong reputation for delivering high quality and high impact research. IFF Research offer a full range of research services from a single site in London.

IFF Research will ask questions about a number of services we deliver to our customers. This might include repairs, antisocial behaviour and communal cleaning. We recognise that some of these topics may be quite sensitive, should you wish - IFF Research can keep your responses completely confidential, however if there are any questions which you would prefer not to answer please let the interviewer know. We will never include anything in our reports that could personally identify an individual.

The calls will come from 0203 148 7645.

To give you flexibility on when you can take part, IFF Research will call between 9am-8pm Monday – Friday and between 11am-4pm on Saturdays.

Yes – all surveys will be returned to IFF Research who will compile the data and feedback regularly Torus. Any identifying or personal data will not be provided with your answers back to Torus unless you give your permission to do so in the survey.

Your privacy is very important to us. IFF Research go to great lengths to preserve your privacy and protect the personal data used in conducting all research. For full details about IFF Research’s privacy policy please follow visit their website via: IFF Research | GDPR

No – completing the survey is not mandatory. 

However, we value your feedback.

If you would like to opt out of the survey and not receive any reminders, please contact our Quality and Performance Team on 0800 678 1894 or email

The results from the survey will inform service improvement priorities. Where residents’ responses highlight particular services areas for improvement, then that will be reflected in the way in which we plan our work and set our priorities for the coming year.

Find out more here

You may also receive an email from coming from inviting you to take part in a survey online. Reminder emails will be sent from

The conversations are usually very short to allow you to reduce disruption to your day. However, it is your opportunity to share your opinions so this can be dictated by you.

Regular customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys give important insights about and positive and negative experiences you may have had on the services we provide, so we can improve those services for you and all our customers.

We want to give you various ways you can be involved and give your views. We may contact you in a variety of ways, including phone, text, email and post.  We will never ask you for any private information and all the information you provide will be kept confidential.

We have several customer satisfaction surveys, which we carry out on a regular basis, so you may be asked for your views and experience with:

  • Customer service / the contact centre
  • Repairs / our contractors
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Neighbourhood
  • Complaints
  • Support Network
  • Torus Foundation
  • Customer Involvement
  • Digital services

Text message ’Delighted’ surveys

In March 2022 we are launched new text message surveys.

We now use these to get customer feedback about their experience of repairs, dealing with anti-social behaviour (ASB), gas servicing, electrical servicing, improvement works, new tenant sign-ups, and reception visits.

Text will be sent to customers when they have:

  • Had a repair completed
  • Had support from our Safer Estates team, regarding an ASB complaint.
  • Following their gas / electrical safety check
  • Had planned improvement works on their home
  • Visited the reception.

Surveys are also sent to new tenants (within a week of signing for their tenancy), to get views about their experience of the Allocations and Lettings Team.

The surveys come via text from 073602 65592 and ask two questions:

  1. A satisfaction question with response scale 1 – 5
  2. Open comment, allowing customer to let us know more details as to why dissatisfied or satisfied with the particular service.

It is completely free for the customer to complete the survey and all information supplied is covered by data protection.

The customer can remain anonymous unless they request a follow up.

Torus Talk

If you want to get more involved and give your views on our services on a more regular basis, you can join Torus Talk, a closed Facebook Group for Torus customers where you can give your views and complete surveys on a range of different topics like business performance and customer satisfaction, online services and more. It's crucial to helping us test existing services and develop new ones.

Join Torus Talk

Surveys FAQs

Torus conduct surveys to help understand tenant and leaseholder satisfaction and how the services offered could be improved. Feedback to this survey is extremely valuable and will help to inform the us on future decision making.

No – completing the survey is not mandatory. However, we value your feedback.

If you would like to opt out of the surveys, please contact our Quality and Performance Team on 0800 678 1894 or email

Survey results are used to inform service improvement priorities.