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Moving closer to a new single website.

Added: 23 February 2022

As part of our journey to align and improve services for customers, on Tuesday 22 February, we moved to a temporary ‘PHASE 1’ single website, meaning that there is now only one single website for all Torus customers no matter where they live. You can access the website through:

For Warrington and St Helens customers the look and feel of the website is similar, but Liverpool customers will notice they are on a different site. Please be assured that the new ‘temporary’ single site contains all the information for all areas and all previous (old) website addresses now automatically redirect to the new website.

Please note there is no change to the portal/online services, access remains from the website header or directly at

Thanks to all who took the time to give their views on the recent ‘new website’ survey. Your feedback is being considered for the scope of the brand-new single website.