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How do I re-arrange my gas servicing appointment?

Coronavirus – Your Vital Gas Safety Check

Updated: January 2022

Gas servicing is a legal requirement and continues as normal

Your gas service is very important. Put simply it keeps you, your family, your neighbours and community safe.  

The legal requirement to allow access for your annual gas safety check has not changed throughout the pandemic and it is important that you allow access for your annual gas safety check, as continue refusal is a breach of your tenancy and could result in legal procedures, fines or even the loss of your home.  

To put your mind at rest, if you or anyone in your home is self-isolating, we won’t complete any safety checks until the isolation period is over as per government guidelines. 

To reassure you, these will be done as quickly as possible and the contractor, HMS will continue to follow all Safe Systems of Work and best practice guidance in customers' homes, such as maintaining social distancing, where possible, and good levels of hand hygiene.  

If you have a gas check scheduled, in addition to your appointment letter we will be in contact with you prior to an engineer arriving to check that it’s safe for us to come out and you’re happy for us to proceed.

If your gas safety check is due, we will continue to contact you and arrange these checks.

  • Your safety is a priority and we will complete the appointment as quickly as possible.
  • Our gas engineers will follow full Safe Systems of Work protocols, practicing social distancing and practice a good hygiene.
  • You do not need to be in the room while they complete the inspection, so apart from allowing access you will not need to come in contact with the operative.
  • We will only go into the rooms we need to carry out the work and will minimise any disturbance, leaving your home clean and tidy, including sanitising any surfaces touched.

If you refuse access:

  • We will make a note and rearrange your safety check if it is due to an isolation period.  However, if you are not in isolation/ have covid access must be given.  
  • You will continue to receive letters and contact about your gas safety check, because we must follow important gas safety procedures.

Remember, carbon monoxide kills. If you can let us in, please do. However, if you have any concerns, wish to change your gas appointment or have any questions please get in touch:


Every 12 months we are legally obliged to check the safety of the gas appliances and gas supply in our homes.

It usually takes around 30 minutes. Not only does your annual gas service make sure that everything’s running efficiently, it helps keep you safe because any leaks faults or potential dangers can be quickly identified and dealt with.  We can still carry out the check even if you have no gas credit, or if your gas is capped as we still need access to make sure it is safe.  

We will always write to you ahead of the date of your gas service. So, if your appointment isn’t convenient you have plenty of time to let us know.

If, for whatever reason, you need to rearrange the date or time of your gas appointment you can:

Please try to let us know ahead of the date of your original appointment so that we don’t turn up as planned.

Remember your annual gas safety check helps to keep you, your family and your neighbours safe.  If you allow us access to carry out your gas safety check first time, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 of Love to Shop vouchers.  

Failure to allow access to your home for your gas safety check is a breach of your tenancy and can result in us being forced into taking legal action, where you could incur court costs in excess of £1,000, lose your home or even go to prison.

Unless access is granted, you may also NOT be included in any improvement programmes to your home.


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