MONDAY 16 MAY 2022: Possible Delays (Repairs): Unfortunately, we are experiencing a temporary disruption in our repairs IT systems which may impact on some elements of our repairs service. The problem may also mean that you struggle to get through on the 0800 number due to increased call volumes, please try again later if not an emergency.  We assure you that we are working to resolve the issue and apologise for any inconvenience.

DUPLICATE RENTS ISSUE – UPDATED 16 May: Post Office, PayPoint & online secure Internet rent payers - we are here to help if you are struggling find out more here

Homes for Ukraine Scheme: Torus wants to support those of you who may be considering offering a room in your home to a Ukrainian refugee through the government's Home for Ukraine scheme – information for Torus residents.


Rent and Payments

What if I can't pay?

Sometimes even the most organised people fall behind in their rent payments. If this happens there are two things you can do:

1. Let us know you're having trouble paying

2. Pay more next time your rent is due

It's really important you get in touch as early as possible to discuss any problems. After all, if we don't know we can't help.

What to do if you fall behind

  • Paying a little extra, even just £5 a week, will make s difference and shows you want to clear what you owe
  • For bigger arrears we can arrange a payment plan. This takes into account your income and all your outgoings. We'll make sure that any extra you pay is manageable

We can also put you in touch with our money advice team. They can check you're claiming the right benefits. there may even be some you're entitled to but not aware of.

What not to do

  • Don't ignore the problem
  • Don't ignore our letters, emails or phone calls
  • Don't borrow money from door-to-door pay day lenders. This could make things worse

We'll always do our best to help but you need to work with us to resolve the situation and remove the debt. If you don't we could take court action to evict you.

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