Torus services: We are continue to experience a high demand for repairs, resulting in longer waiting times for non-emergency repairs.  We are working hard to fix this, apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Duplicate Rents issue (17 May): Post Office, PayPoint & online secure Internet rent payers - we are here to help if you are struggling find out more here

Homes for Ukraine Scheme: Information for Torus customers considering offering a room in your home to a Ukrainian refugee – more.


Rent and Payments

Non-payment of rent and legal action



If your arrears continue to increase and you fail to respond to our attempts to contact you, we will progress with legal action and serve a 'Notice of Seeking Possession'. This is the first stage of legal action and details our intention to proceed to court if the matter is not resolved within 2 weeks.

We can apply for different court orders depending on your circumstances.

  • Adjournment - this is usually an agreement for you to pay whilst giving you more time to resolve your financial difficulties.
  • Suspended Possession Order - This is a Court Order that requires you to pay your rent plus a weekly amount to reduce your arrears. If you don’t not keep to the Court Order payments we will apply for an eviction. We will also request a Money Judgement for the outstanding arrears. This could affect your credit rating.
  • Immediate Possession Order - If you fail to engage with us we will ask for an order for Immediate Possession. You will have to vacate the property within the timescale agreed by the Judge. This could be with immediate effect or within 7 to 14 days. We will also request a Money Judgement for the outstanding arrears. This could affect your credit rating.
  • Warrant of Possession of Land - If you breach the terms of your Court Order, we will apply for a Warrant of Possession of Land. This means that a bailiff will set a date to evict you from your home. This process will incur further costs.


Non-payment of rent could lead to Sanctions being imposed by us. This could result in your home being removed from improvement works. In some circumstances it may lead to you being offered a basic service by us.

What happens if I leave the property?

We will actively pursue any outstanding debts left to our organisation at the end of a tenancy and reserve the right to pass on such debts to a collections agency.


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