Torus services: We are continue to experience a high demand for repairs, resulting in longer waiting times for non-emergency repairs.  We are working hard to fix this, apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Duplicate Rents issue (17 May): Post Office, PayPoint & online secure Internet rent payers - we are here to help if you are struggling find out more here

Homes for Ukraine Scheme: Information for Torus customers considering offering a room in your home to a Ukrainian refugee – more.


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How do I apply to rent a home?

Step 1 – Getting ready

Moving home can be expensive, especially if you’re setting up home for the first time.

We don’t charge big deposits or fees, but we may ask you to pay at least one week’s rent in advance, even if you’re on housing benefit.

We advise putting money to one side to cover these expenses.

Step 2- Applying

If you’re interested in renting a home from us, you’ll need to register with  Under One Roof, St Helens Council’s choice based lettings scheme.

Step 3 – Bidding

Properties are advertised on the Under One Roof website each week. You can bid on up to 3 properties that you are eligible for. This is called a bidding cycle.

When the weekly bidding cycle is closed, a short list is created for each property. We are then sent the details of person who should be considered for each property. This is known as a nomination.

We’ll let you know if you’re nominated and we’ll ask you to provide the following within 48 hours:

  • Proof of identity and address for everyone who will be living with you
  • Proof of your national insurance number
  • Details of your household income and savings
  • A reference from your current landlord (if appropriate)
  • Your support plan (if you have one)

Step 4 - Affordability

If you are nominated for one of our homes, we will be in touch and check your circumstances and income. We check that the amount of rent you need to pay is affordable based on the total money coming into your home.

As long as the property is affordable, suits your needs and you don’t have a history of rent arrears or anti-social behaviour, you are likely to be offered it.

Step 5 – Viewing

Once all our checks are complete, we’ll arrange an appointment to show you the property.

If you accept the property, we’ll get it ready and arrange a time for you to sign a tenancy agreement. After this, you'll get your keys and can move in!


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