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Condensation is the biggest cause of all damp and mould problems reported to us.

It’s caused when warm air hits a cold surface like a window or a wall. Mould can occur if a surface is left wet.

You’ll see a build-up in condensation when you cook, shower or dry clothes indoors.

What can I do to reduce condensation and mould?

The best thing to do is make sure air can circulate around your home, so open windows or use an extractor fan.

If there’s condensation around your windows you can wipe this off too.

Condensation in the kitchen

If you minimise the moisture you’ll reduce condensation, so:

  • Keep pan lids on when cooking
  • Use an extractor fan
  • Close the kitchen door

Condensation in the bathroom

Running water in baths or showers causes clouds of moisture, so:

  • Open a window
  • Use an extractor fan
  • Keep the door closed

When drying clothes

Drying a pile of washing can release as much as 10 pints of moisture into the air, so:

  • Dry washing outdoors when you can
  • Try not to pile wet washing onto radiators
  • Dry clothes in the bathroom with the window open and the extractor fan on

Treating mould patches

  • Wipe areas down with a fungicidal (mould killing) wash
  • Then redecorate with a fungicidal paint
  • Dry clean mildewed furnishing and shampoo mouldy carpets
  • Consider using a dehumidifier



We will not compensate for damage caused by condensation.

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