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Duplicate Rents issue (17 May): Post Office, PayPoint & online secure Internet rent payers - we are here to help if you are struggling find out more here

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URGENT RENT PAYMENT NOTICE: Post Office, PayPoint and Online Secure Internet Payers

Update: 13 May 2022

We have additional staff available between 8am and 5pm over the weekend to offer advice and support regarding the rent issue that has been caused by a payment provider which has affected multiple organisations. 

Please only call 0800 678 1894 between 8am and 5pm to discuss this issue and we ask that you be patient if you cannot get through straightaway.

Our payment provider has also re-confirmed today that the pending payment can only be cancelled by your own bank and that each bank has their own individual rules on how long they ‘hold’ a pending payment and that you need to speak to your own bank as detailed below.


Update: 12 May 2022

Our payment provider have advised this afternoon  that the original payment you made may still be showing as pending on your bank account with a further payment being taken today.

If this has affected you, we apologise.  Unfortunately, it is an issue with our payment provider which has affected multiple organisations, not just Torus.

However, we are here to support you the best way we can, please read on to find out more about what you can do and what support is available.

What you need to do?
If you still have two payments showing – one pending, the pending payment should be automatically removed soon by your bank.  However, if you are concerned and want to sort it out sooner, the payment provider has advised that you can contact your bank directly and ask them to:

“Take out of pending status” i.e., not pay it

If you do contact your bank to do this, please ask them how long it will take to clear.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do this on your behalf.

If you are struggling?
If this situation will leave you with severe suffering financial hardship over the next few days, please contact Torus Customer Hub as soon as possible and we will try our best to support you, including looking at a payment* into your bank account, to get you over the difficulty caused by our payment provider.

  • 0800 678 1894 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm)
  • Visit your nearest reception (Bank Park House – Warrington, Central, St Helens, The Observatory, Liverpool City Centre – open Monday – Friday 9am – 12.30pm)
  • Email (however please note it may be quicker to call)

If you have already contacted us, we will contact you back directly. 

*Please note this payment will need to be paid back at a future date.

If you have incurred any bank charges?
Please don’t worry about bank charges – we will cover those, please contact us via the above methods and advise us of the charges.

Again, we are truly sorry for this situation caused by our payment provider, and we are working as hard as we can to get it resolved.


Added: 11 May 2022

We have been informed this morning by our external payment provider that they have identified an issue with taking rent payments from customers who pay their rent:

  • In the Post Office
  • At PayPoint locations (using their rent payment card / barcoded letters)
  • Internet Payments – Secure Payments

It relates to payments on the 29 April, 30 April, 1 May and 2 May.

They are reporting delays in taking the payment, payments showing as pending and, in some cases, payments being returned.


  • You do not make another payment.
  • Leave the payment (funds) in your bank account, so the payment can be taken when they have resolved their issue.

The payment provider is working hard to solve this problem with the highest priority and have apologised for any inconvenience.

Need help?
However, if because of this situation, you find yourself in need of support please contact us and we will do our best to help and support.

Who is not affected?
Please note this situation does not affect customers who pay via Direct Debit, Standing Order, over the phone or through their My Torus online account.

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