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Bogus Caller Information

Protect yourself from bogus callers 

We are committed to reducing door-step crime, including bogus callers, claim farmers and rogue traders.

Sometimes, bogus callers may say they’re from Torus (Helena Homes, Golden Gates Housing Trust or Liverpool Mutual Homes) or HMS.  

Bogus callers can also contact you via the phone and with leaflets as well as visiting your home.

If you’re unsure who someone is, do not let them into your home. If you feel unsafe, please call the police and let us know.

You should not let anyone into you home you are not comfortable with , to help safeguard against these types of callers, please observe the following tips:

  • Always ensure you ask to see the ID of unknown visitors to your home - all Torus Group (including HMS) staff will carry photo ID with them.
  • If someone claiming to be from Torus or HMS comes to your home or calls you up, but you are not sure, please call us free on 0800 678 1894 to check.
  • If someone contacts you by phone claiming to be from Torus or HMS, but you are not sure, please take their details and call us free on 0800 678 1894 to check.

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